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About Us

Xenos LLC is a contracting firm specializing in the provision of comprehensive marine construction solutions. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation Xenos LLC has successfully delivered high quality services across the marine construction industry. Xenos, we recognize the extraordinary skill set possessed by Veterans and the invaluable contributions they can make in the field of project management. Our team of experienced professionals combines the discipline, adaptability, and leadership skills honed in high-pressure environments to deliver exceptional results for your projects. We are confident that our approach will bring unparalleled value to your organization.

Xenos LLC Managing Director Matt Fish is a distinguished professional in the marine construction industry, renowned for his extensive expertise and leadership in managing complex marine construction and salvage projects. Over a career spanning more than two decades, Fish has made significant contributions to the field, particularly through his roles at Versabar and currently as Managing Director of Xenos LLC.

Fish's journey began with a decade-long military career, during which he conducted operations globally. This experience, combined with degrees in Economics and International Relations, provided him with a strong foundation in technical abilities and leadership skills. His early career involved various subsea salvage and infrastructure projects, where he quickly showcased his capabilities in operations management, critical thinking, and innovative engineering solutions.

Joining Versabar was a pivotal moment in Fish’s career. Versabar, known for its cutting-edge technology in the offshore industry, allowed Fish to refine his skills and undertake challenging projects. As a senior executive, he oversaw significant initiatives, including the deployment of the VB 4,000 and the VB 10,000, the largest lift vessel in the U.S. His notable contributions include managing the salvage of the Golden Ray, a complex operation that highlighted his expertise in large-scale maritime projects.

Under Fish’s leadership, Versabar completed numerous complex projects, earning a reputation for efficiency, safety, and innovation. His strategic vision and hands-on approach improved operations, reduced costs, and enhanced Versabar's competitive edge. Fish has also been a strong advocate for new technologies and sustainable practices, leading to the implementation of advanced engineering techniques and environmentally responsible methods.

Beyond his technical roles, Fish is committed to advancing marine construction practices, advocating for operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. His efforts have set new standards in the industry, contributing to its growth and sustainability.

In summary, Matt Fish’s expertise and leadership have significantly impacted the marine construction and salvage industry. His involvement in landmark projects demonstrates his ability to manage complex maritime challenges effectively, leaving a legacy of technical excellence and strategic innovation.

"Unparralled and proven management skills drive success in building teams and executing projects."